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  • Charls Gendron

Rapido Trains HO Scale AutoFlood III Rapid Discharge Coal Hopper

Available as

Single car: $64.95 CAD

Six pack: $389.95 CAD

7 schemes available: BNSF, CEFX, GLFX, GGPX, KLPX, PGNX, Union Pacific

The AutoFlood III Coal Hopper features:

  • Die-cast frame and floor for optimum car weight

  • Full interior rivet and K-member details

  • Super-detailed end cages including separate air and brake piping

  • Barber S-2 100-ton trucks with metal wheels

  • Hopper bays feature highly-detailed outlet gates

  • Etched, see-through end cross-over platforms

  • Full end detail, including uncoupling levers

  • Separate grab irons installed at the factory

  • Accurate paint and lettering

  • Removable coal load included

  • Multiple road numbers available for each scheme

  • Available in singles or multi-packs

  • Multi-packs boxed for individual sale

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