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ARRIVED PC&F B-70-69/71/75 Boxcar

The PC&F B-70-69/71/75 Boxcar features:

  • Separately applied metal grab irons

  • Scale sized draft gear with a detailed Hydra- Cushion underframe

  • Full underbody brake rigging

  • Multiple door styles

  • Road number specific number patches

  • Separately applied coupler cut levers

  • Separate door tracks

  • Factory-installed Rapido semi-scale knuckle couplers

  • Newly tooled 70T trucks with turned metal 33” wheels

Ontario Northland

Single Car: $57.95 CAD

4-Pack: $231.95 CAD

Canadian National

Single Car: $57.95 CAD

6-Pack: $346.95 CAD

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