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Rapido: Executive E-units

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Rapido is proud to present the Illinois Central and Canadian National executive E9As. When Metra retired the last of their E9As from commuter service, IC bought four for their executive fleet. Numbered 100 through 103, only 100 and 101 were painted in the special silver, white and black IC scheme. Eventually numbers 102 and 103 would be transferred to CN when they acquired the IC. 102 and 103 would first receive a green and black heritage scheme, reminiscent of their FP locos, then later on, repainted into the traditional red, black and white scheme. The four E-units share many of the same features of their BN siblings, but with added ditch light cut-outs in the nose.

Set: DC $459.95 CAD

DCC $659.95 CAD

The IC and CN E9A Details Include:

  • Correct HEP muffler and hatch

  • Modified pilots

  • Blanked sides with appropriate grille work

  • Roof-mounted cooling coils

  • Non-skirted fuel tanks

  • Hyatt roller bearing journal covers

  • Heavy die-cast chassis

  • Smooth running drive system with all wheels powered

  • Accurate E8 sounds provided by ESU LokSound

  • Complete lighting effects – headlights, recessed ditch lights in nose, class lights, backup lights, ground lights, cab lights and more. (Not all lighting features will work in DC mode.)

  • Numerous road-specific detail parts in both plastic and etched metal.

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