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RAPIDO TRAINS: Bilevel Commuter Car

The Rapido Bilevel Commuter Car features:

  • Accurate body shell designs with or without rivet details

  • Five windows or four windows on the lower level, as appropriate

  • Free-rolling, highly-detailed inside-bearing trucks with roller-bearing axles and metal wheelsets

  • Minimum 22” radius curves

  • Full underbody and unrivaled interior detail

  • Accurate painting and lettering, both inside and out.

  • Tinted windows

  • Metal side grab irons

  • Constant interior lighting in DC and DCC

  • Controllable cab car lighting in both DC and DCC

  • Cab cars pre-wired with a speaker and a 21-pin socket for full DCC/Sound functionality

Order Deadline October 16th, 2023

Sets (with Cab Car) $349.95 CAD

Sets (without Cab Car) $329.95 CAD

Single Coaches $110.95 CAD

Single Cab Coaches $129.95 CAD

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