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Rapido Trains: NSC Centerbeam Flatcar

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

The HO Scale NSC 73’ Centerbeam Flatcar features:

  • Multiple side sill variations with different winch and ratchet configurations

  • Multiple top truss configurations; early Z pattern and standard closed pattern with and without tie-down brackets

  • Two deck configurations; early with risers and mid without risers

  • Two underbody configurations

  • Multiple end cage variants

  • Multiple brake stand options

  • Multiple truck types (six to be exact!)

  • Factory-installed rubber airhoses

  • See through eroded metal crossover platforms

  • Fully detailed underbodies with full brake piping & rigging

  • Factory-installed metal grab irons and coupler lift bars

  • Free rolling, metal wheelsets

BC Rail - Green

6-Pack $364.95 CAD

Single car $61.95

Canadian National - Brown

6-Pack $364.95 CAD

Single car $61.95

CP Rail - Red

6-Pack $364.95 CAD

Single car $61.95

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