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Rapido Trains: UAC TurboTrain - Turbo 2.0

The HO scale Turbo 2.0 features:

  • Designed from original United Aircraft blueprints

  • New, smooth-running drive system with excellent slow-speed performance

  • Completely redesigned Single Axle Trucks with free rolling, needlepoint axles

  • Every wheel on the train picks up power for rock-solid reliability

  • Unique Canadian and American versions

  • Accurate colors on Amtrak models approved by Amtrak

  • Three different Power Dome Cars and six different Intermediate Cars for total accuracy

  • Bright, golden-white LED headlights and redesigned, roof-mounted SMD interior lighting system

  • ESU LokSound V5 decoders and high-quality speakers in each Power Dome Car

  • The only accurate TurboTrain sounds recorded from the last surviving prototypes in 1982

  • Will easily negotiate curves down to 18” radius

  • Works on DC or DCC

  • Available in 3-car and 5-car sets, with 4-car Canadian add-on sets to make the complete 9-car train

  • Turbo 2.0 is not compatible with the 2008 model.

HO UAC TurboTrain (DC/DCC/Sound): CN Rail

5-Car Set: #126-201-256-228-151

$875.00 CAD

HO UAC TurboTrain Completion Pack: CN Rail

4-Car set #203-226-251 + IC-34 #261

$315.00 CAD

HO UAC TurboTrain (DC/DCC/Sound)

Two different sets available

VIA #1 - 5-Car Set: #146-201-256-228-151

VIA #2 - 5-Car Set: #149-204-259-229-154

$875.00 CAD

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