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Items on consignment 

If you would like photos or additional information on any of the items on this list, please email me at CustomTrainsCanada@

  • Walther’s Amtrak Superliner coach plated $75

  • Precision Brass Canadian version GP40 undec $130.00

  • Kato SD40-2 Mid (5) $175.00ea

  • Rapido Trains WV caboose undec $95.00

  • Soho CP Park obsv (2) undec $195.00ea

  • SOHO CP Bud Bag-dorm $150.00

  • SOHO CP Chateau sleeper undec $150.00

  • SOHO CP Manor sleeper undec $150.00

  • SOHO CP Budd skyline (2) undec $150.00ea

  • OMI Tri-level auto rack enclosed (in pieces) $85.00

  • OMI Amtrak AMD-103 Factory painted (5) $475.00ea

  • OMI Amtrack Dash 8-32BWH Factory painted $495.00

  • Athabascan Scale Model SD40-2F resin kits (6) $65.00ea

  • OMI CR Dash 8-40-C Custom painted $375.00

  • OMI UP Dash 8-40C Factory painted (2) $300.00ea

  • OMI ACR FP9A custom painted $350.00

  • MTH CN SD70M-2 $195.00

OMI Conrail
custom painted,
$300.00 CAD


Railway lantern coloured lenses by Kopp
All are 5 5/16in in diameter, will fit standard cabooses, Passenger cars and switch lanterns. All are glass but one blue is plastic. Amber ones include metal retaining clips as shown.

Sold as a group $70.00 CAD

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