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ARRIVED: Kaslo Shops: HK-27 Hawker Siddley 66'6" Gondola

Updated: Jan 16

CN number series 157000-157299

The Hawker Siddley 66'6" Gondola has been in integral part of Canadian Nationals gondola fleet since the early 1970's The versatility of this car knows no bounds and could be seen hauling metal concentrates, coiled steel and other heavy duty bulk items.

This kits contains the following details:

- ladders, stirrup steps

- full brake details

- weight

Modelers will need to supply their own 100 Ton Roller Bearing Trucks (Genesis or Tangent Barber S-2 Roller Bearing 100 Ton Trucks recommended) and couplers (Kadee #58 or #158 recommended).

Decals are available for this kit but not included.

$44.95 CAD

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