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NEW UPGRADE!! Rapido Trains: EMD/GMD GP40

The GP40 series were considered the gold standard of four-axle locomotives, with over 1,000 examples built for 30 different railroads in North America.



  • Measured from a real GP40

  • Road-specific details for each model

  • EMD, GMD variants as well as rebuilt GP40Rs

  • Rapido’s innovative dead straight metal side handrails with plastic stanchions

  • Incredible underframe detail including traction motor cables, air filters and a silly number of separately-applied parts

  • Road-specific battery box doors

  • Dynamic and non-dynamic brake options

  • Separate grab irons and handrails installed at the factory

  • Operating headlights, rear lights, class lights, ditch lights and beacons (where appropriate)

  • Highly detailed cab interior

  • Correct fuel tank sizes per road number

  • Multiple styles of stepwells

  • See-through, etched steps

  • Appropriate cab or nose headlights

  • Multiple truck side frames tooled

  • Different, prototype specific dynamic-brake hatches and air filters

  • DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready) or DC/DCC/Sound (ESU LokSound) options

  • Mo-Power capacitor system for uninterrupted operation in DCC

HO EMD GP40: CN - Large Noodle:

DCC w/sound $331.95

DC $235.95

HO EMD GP40: CN - Stripes:

DCC w/sound $331.95

DC $235.95

HO EMD GP40 : Wisconsin Central:

DCC w/sound $331.95

DC $235.95

All roads available shown below

DCC w/sound $331.95

DC $235.95

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