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Although we highlight mostly Canadian Locos and rolling stock on our website, feel free to contact us for track, scenic supplies and anything else in the Walthers catalogue. 

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Photos by Matt Gendron & Charls Gendron

The 2024 edition of the Canadian Trackside Guide® is the Bytown Railway Society’s 42nd edition – contains 800 updated and expanded 5½” x 8½” pages current to mid-February 2024

Cover Photo: David Maiers

The only comprehensive guide to Canadian Railways

  • Locomotives of CN, CPKC, VIA, plus Regionals and Industrials

  • Preserved equipment

  • Passenger cars

  • Urban rail transit

  • Cabooses

  • Non-revenue equipment

  • Radio frequencies

  • Passenger train schedules

  • Freight train numbers

  • Railway reporting marks

  • Detailed divisional maps and subdivision listings for all Canadian railways and their U.S. components (including the former KCS), including station names, mileposts, detectors, siding lengths, and more

  • Maps of major cities detailing rail lines (in colour)

  • Signal indications (in colour)

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