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ATLAS: HO CNCF 5000 Box Car (various roads)

$59.95 CAD

Preorder by January 18th, 2023


  • Ready-to-run

  • Full under body detail with brake rigging

  • Separately applied wire grabs

  • Detailed end ladders and brake gear

  • Accurate painting and printing

  • Blackened metal wheels

  • Metal Couplers

Multiple Variations Include:

  • 2 body styles: Early with bolts, late welded body (2 side slides)

  • 2 end slide styles: standard 3 sheet Dreadnaught end, Bifurcated “X” pattern end

  • 5 Door styles: Youngstown, Youngstown w/pick lever, Modified Youngstown, Superior and ICG shop Door.

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