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Aurora Miniatures: GMDD SD50F / SD50AF Locomotive

Order by March 1, 2024

Estimated release date Q4, 2024

General Model Features:

·       Road name and road number-specific painting and lettering.

·       Multiple road numbers offered.

·       Highly detailed, injection-moulded plastic shell.

·       Pilot-mounted or deck-mounted ditch lights per prototype.

·       Large array of separately applied details: windshield wipers, grab irons, handrails, steps and ladders, lift rings, bell, horn, winterization hatch and screen, radiator screens, mirrors, sunshades, plow, MU hoses, train line hose, coupler cut lever, sanding lines, handbrake chain, fuel tank and underbody cables and piping.

·       Industry-leading EMD/Dofasco HT-C trucks with traction motor detail, traction motor contour, separately applied brake details and rotating roller-bearing end caps.

·       All LED lighting*: headlights, ditch lights, number boards, tri-colour class lights, step lights, ground lights, locomotive control desk stand.

·       New and improved high-torque motor and drive mechanism guarantees smooth operation.**

·       Operating radiator fans. Improved radiator fan drive unit with quieter operation and selective fan control.**

·       All-wheel power pickup and all-axle drive.

·       Heavy die-cast, zinc alloy chassis.

·       AuroraJanney scale head replica couplers installed.

·       NMRA RP-25 wheel contour with Code 110 tread width.

·       Minimum radius: 18” (recommended 22”)

* Lighting functionality is limited on DC models operating on DC track power.

** Improvement over previously-released HO scale SD60F.

DC Version Features:

·       DCC ready with 21MTC connector.

·       Dual sugar-cube speakers (functional after installation of a DCC sound decoder).

·       Operates on DC track.

DCC / Sound Version Features:

·       ESU LokSound 5 DCC sound decoder installed in model.

·       Accurate V16 645F3B prime mover, horn, bell & additional sounds by ESU LokSound.

·       Dual sugar-cube speakers.

·       Operates on DCC track. DC operation is NOT recommended.

Artwork is not an indication of the final product and is subject to refinements before production.

SD50F Canadian National - Stripes

Road Numbers: 5400, 5427, 5443, 5458

DC $279.95 CAD

DCC w/sound $389.95 CAD

SD50F Canadian National - Map

Road Numbers: 5432

DC $279.95 CAD

DCC w/sound $389.95 CAD

SD50F Canadian National - Single Stripe

Road Numbers: 5455

DC $279.95 CAD

DCC w/sound $389.95 CAD

SD50AF Canadian National - Stripes

Road Numbers: 5502, 5503

DC $279.95 CAD

DCC w/sound $389.95 CAD

SD50F Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western

Road Numbers: 5418, 5454

DC $279.95 CAD

DCC w/sound $389.95 CAD

SD50AF Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western

Road Numbers: 5500, 5501

DC $279.95 CAD

DCC w/sound $389.95 CAD

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