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Ubiquitous on American railroads, the EMD GP35 is a 4-axle diesel-electric locomotive built by EMD and subsequently General Motors Diesel in the mid 1960's. Over 1300 of these locomotives were produced, and they were operated by virtually every major railroad in the United States. Additionally 26 units were built for Canadian railroads and another 57 units were built for Mexican railroads. These freight locomotives were powered by EMD 567D3A 16-cylinder engines that generated 2500 horsepower.

List of individually controllable lights on EMD GP35 models (note that light options may be limited in Stealth Series models):

- Headlight

- Rear Light

- Numberboard Lights (Front & Rear)

- Front Classification Lights

- Rear Classification Lights

- Mars Light (where appropriate)

- Rotary Beacon (where appropriate)

- Ditch Lights (where appropriate)

Road-specific detail options that are prototypically accurate for each road name:

- Truck sideframes

- Dynamic brake hatch

- Roof fan arrangement and type

- Short hood detail arrangement

- Long hood end detail arrangement

- High short hood option where accurate

- Horn type and location

- Bell location

- Front pilot details

- Rear pilot details

- Cut level details

- MU receptacle arrangement

- Sunshade options

- Antenna type and location

- Wind deflector type

8905 EMD GP35, CP 8202, Maroon & Gray w/ early road number

DC $283.95 CAD

DCC w/Sound $424.95 CAD

8904 EMD GP35, CP 5010, Maroon & Gray

DC $283.95 CAD

DCC w/Sound $424.95 CAD

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