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ARRIVED: Kaslo Shops: HK-32 - BCRAIL Evans 5450 cu ft 52'6" Double Door Boxcar

British Columbia Railway

$44.95 CAD

In 1979, Evans Railcar Company sold 200 double door box cars to British Columbia Railway. These cars were assigned numbers in the BCIT 801000 to 801199 series. Originally, they were owned by the United States Railway Leasing Company and intended for transporting plywood shipments between the United States and Canada. The cars measured 52'6" in length over sills, with an inside length of 52'-5". They were equipped with two 8ft. sliding doors, providing a total opening width of 16ft.

Subsequently, ownership of these box cars transferred to Itel Rail Corp and eventually to GE Leasing. However, by 1997, they were no longer part of the railway's fleet.


  • One Piece Body

  • Underbody and Details

  • Weight

  • Etched Details

Kaslo Shops Distributing kits come undecorated and require the modeler to supply trucks, couplers, paint and decals.

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