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New Look Suburban "Fishbowl" Bus - New Run

New Look Bus models features:

  • Correct tubular profile traced from a 3D-scan of a real New Look Bus.

  • Era-correct rear engine door available in early (2nd generation) or late (4th generation) styles.*

  • Optional left-side emergency exit door and either single- or dual-stream rear doors*

  • Full interior including separate bench seats and grooved flooring.

  • Etched-metal interior stanchions, stamped-metal handrails and separate farebox and steering wheel parts installed.

  • Steerable front wheels and REAL rubber tires.

  • Three types of bumpers − steel, water and rubber.*

  •  A wide variety of optional detail parts included.*

  • Separate advertisement frames included with each model.

  • Pre-installed route destination signs for added realism.

  • Working interior lights, headlights and tail lights.**

* Installed as appropriate

** A 9-12 volt DC power supply (not included) is required to power the lighting features.

Order Deadline June 17, 2024

New Look Bus (Deluxe): TTC - Maroon & Cream

Available Numbers: 3309, 3345, 3900

$78.95 CAD

New Look Bus (Deluxe): TTC - CLRV scheme

Available numbers: 8585, 8765, 8897

$78.95 CAD

New Look Bus (Deluxe): TTC - Modern scheme

Available numbers: 2286, 2444, 2855

$78.95 CAD

New Look Bus (Deluxe): TTC - As Preserved

Available numbers: 2252

$78.95 CAD

New Look Bus (Deluxe): Ottawa OTC

Available numbers: 6337, 6444, 6686

$78.95 CAD

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