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RAPIDO TRAINS: New Look Suburban "Fishbowl" Bus

The New Look Bus was the face of North American public and regional transit in the latter half of the 20th century, with almost 45,000 buses built between 1959 and 1986. Everyone remembers the New Look, also known as the “Fishbowl” Bus.


This time with only front door and high-back seats, these vehicles could be found in express service, intercity service, and even charter operations both in big cities and small towns across the country. Before the big highway coaches of today, the GM New Look Suburban was the go-to for many agencies for these operations too.

This model represents the second through fourth generations of the New Look Bus, spanning from the mid–1960s right up until the 1980s, and comes with agency-specific details from advertising panels to roof hatches.


  HO scale New Look Bus model features:

  • Correct tubular profile traced from a 3D-scan of a real New Look Bus.

  • Era-correct rear engine door available in early (2nd generation) or late (4th generation) styles.*

  • Optional left-side emergency exit door, a trademark of the early production versions.*

  • Full interior including separate highback seats and grooved flooring.

  • Etched-metal interior stanchions, stamped-metal handrails and separate farebox and steering wheel parts installed.

  • Steerable front wheels and REAL rubber tires.

  • Three types of bumpers − steel, water and rubber.*

  • A wide variety of optional detail parts included.*

  • Separate advertisement frames included with each model.

  • Pre-installed route destination signs for added realism.

  • Working interior lights, headlights and tail lights.**

  • Pre-installed route destination signs for added realism

Every model comes with incredible detail not seen in any other bus model below 1:24 scale. That includes full and accurate underbody; correct tubular body profile (3D scanned from the real thing); zillions of rivets; separately-applied details; multi-color interior; working interior lights, headlights and destination sign lights; positionable front wheels; and more!

Order Deadline June 17, 2024

GO Transit - Delivery

Available numbers:

1000 - destination sign: MILTON via HWY 401

1008 - destination sign: OAKVILLE via Q.E.W.

1014 - destination sign: TORONTO via ISLINGTON SUBWAY

$78.95 CAD

GO Transit - Late

Available numbers:

1033 - destination sign: HAMILTON via LAKESHORE

1046 - destination sign: NEWMARKET via HWY 11

1050 - destination sign: YORK MILLS SUBWAY via YORKDALE

$78.95 CAD

Golden Gate Transit

Available numbers:

866 - destination sign: 70 GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE

884 - destination sign: 72 SANTA ROSA

890 - destination sign: 80 SAN FRAN. TRANSBAY TERM.

$78.95 CAD

Gray Coach - Late

Available numbers:

1410 - destination sign: HAMILTON via EXPRESS

1414 - destination sign: AIRPORT via ISLINGTON TERM

1418 - destination sign: TORONTO via GRAY COACH LINES

$78.95 CAD

Greyhound - Blue & Silver

Available numbers:

9601 - destination sign: C REDWOOD CITY

9609 - destination sign: F S.F. - 7TH STREET

9613 - destination sign: E SAN JOSE

$78.95 CAD

Métropolitain Provincial

Available numbers:

7276 - destination sign: REPENTIGNY

7281 - destination sign: MONTREAL

7294 - destination sign: CHATEAUGUAY

$78.95 CAD

NASA Tour Bus - Early

destination sign: NASA TOURS

$78.95 CAD

Public Service Coordinated Transit:

Available numbers:

506A - destination sign: 122 JOURNAL SQUARE

520A - destination sign: 165 HACKENSACK

534A - destination sign: 63 HOBOKEN NEW YORK

$78.95 CAD

New York Bus Service

Available numbers:

1485 - destination sign: PELHAM BAY PARK

1491 - destination sign: MANHATTAN EXPRESS

1498 - destination sign: NEW YORK CITY

$78.95 CAD


Available numbers:

1521 - destination sign: 458 PONTIAC via ROYAL OAK

1539 - destination sign: 410 BIRMINGHAM via SOUTHFIELD

1560 - destination sign: 450 DETROIT via ROYAL OAK

$78.95 CAD

Rapido Trains

Available numbers:

1029 - destination sign: RAPIDO TRAINS via MARKHAM

$78.95 CAD

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